Teacher Class OR Year Group Photo

A copy of the class or year group for each of the academic staff members - 8 x 12"

Valued at: $3,000

[Based on 120 staff]

Staff Group OR Composite Photo​

A copy of a staff traditional group photo (or composite photo) for each staff member - 8 x 12"

Valued at: $3,000

[Based on 120 staff]

TRAD Mathematics Department Staff(1).jpg
2022 Calendar Staff A.jpg

Staff Portrait Personalised Calendar​


Each staff member receives a personalised 8 X 12" calendar with their portrait image.

Valued at: $3,600

[Based on 120 staff]

School Portrait Images for Database​


Digital transfer of images of students and staff portraits with matching Student ID and/or names (as supplied by the school) provided via Dropbox for school database

Valued at: $145

Digital Download Icon.png
Large Family Discount.jpg

Discount for Large Families

We are happy to offer parents a third (and subsequent) child 50% discount on photo packages. In this way, we are able to assist those families at our school with multiple children.

Block Mount​

A great memento for the office!

This block mount can be either a traditional or composite whole school photo.

Valued at: $180

[Upon request - Conditions apply]

smallCOMP Whole School(1).jpg
Video Album.png

School Album​ [Print OR Interactive]

Hard cover bound school photo album including each year group and all Sports & Specials photos taken throughout the year for archival purposes.

Valued at: $300

Personalised Graduation Certificates

This personalised presentation includes:

1 Graduation Certificate for each student and

1 Sheet of Composite Images of the graduating class


1 Traditional Group Photo

(student names listed below, per request)

Year 6 or 12 Graduation Group Photo

Valued at: $2,000

[Based on 200 students]

2018 FW Graduation Folder Front.jpg
Grad Cert Front 2021 A4.jpg


Grad Cert A4 Comp.jpg
Grad Cert A4 Group.jpg
Magnet Board.png

Free Magnetic Photo Board*

The magnetic photo board comes with individualised, named photo magnets of each of your staff members. You can use the board in your school admin office, staff room or your main auditorium/assembly hall to display staff photos. If staff move or new staff are added, it is easy to update and make changes.

Valued at: $1000+

*Conditions Apply: Offer valid for Schools with 300+ enrolments. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Free Photo Bookmark*

For your first year with Fotoworks, we give every student at your school a free photo bookmark to welcome them into the Fotoworks Family.

Valued at: $2,000

[Based on 200 students]

*ON REQUEST - No purchase required. Offer applies only for first-time schools with Fotoworks.

School Bookmark Promo.jpg
Kindy Photo Sheet.jpg
Kindy Grad Cert Mock-up Image.png

Kindy Graduation Photos

We provide the caps, gowns and graduation certificates. Just sit back and let Fotoworks create unforgettable memories of your Kindergarten graduation.