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Leadership with a Global Vision

Natalie is the Owner and Managing Director of  Fotoworks. She has over 30 years experience in the school photography industry. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for the business make her a dynamic leader who takes great care of her team.

She is also a globe trotter and is always planning her next adventure. Her travels have taken her to all corners of the world where she has made incredible connections that have also benefitted the growth of the business – keeping Fotoworks on trend and innovative.


Managing Director

Commercial Manager

Marika manages all the billing and accounting for the business – she is all about the numbers and the bottom line. Marika takes care of all the commercial needs for the business.

In her spare time she loves gardening and spending time with her beautiful family.

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Shey is our marketing guru. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in marketing and graphic design. She takes care of schools by designing their business plans, annual reports yearbooks and much more.

She loves quality time with her family - often at Cottesloe beach with a good book in hand.

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Business Development Manager

Rosalyn is responsible for liaising with schools in gaining new business and taking care of current customers. She loves a good chin wag and is passionate about all things related to photography. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years in the industry.

Rosalyn is also a thespian and in her spare time you may catch her performing in, or directing a play around town.

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We Care

Steph’s voice is probably the first one you will hear when you call us. She takes care of all our parent enquiries and keeps the office running smoothly. Her care and attention to detail is exemplary and we love having her around. 

Outside of work, Steph loves time with friends and sweet little Mable her toy sized Chihuahua. She is also a fitness enthusiast and you will regularly find her honing her boxing skills at the gym. 

School Care

Bree is our School Care specialist. She takes care of scheduling and coordinating our school photo days, promotional marketing photo shoots and event photography. She plans out the country road trips and makes sure our photographers are well taken care of as they travel far and wide across WA.

She would like to start showing her handsome Boxer, Max – in the hopes that one day he will be a champion show dog.

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School Care

Samantha is part of our School Care team and takes care of printing all the photo order envelopes for schools in preparation of photo day. She also ensures that all goes smoothly on the day by finalising the details with each school.

Like many members of our team, photography is a passion for Samantha. She has a collection of antique cameras and enjoys capturing memories on film.

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Print Care

Robyn is our resident expert on photo production. She leads the Print Care team that prepares all our school photos for printing. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her conscientious efforts to ensure that each student receives the best photo, makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Robyn loves taking care of her family with her wonderful culinary skills and we often benefit from her passion for baking with delicious brownies and other treats.

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Print Care

Mel is a new member of our Print Care team and works diligently to ensure that all photos are print ready. She is always eager to learn and brings a joyful energy to the team.

Mel is an artist who enjoys drawing, sketching and making beautiful cards.

Print Care

Part of our Print Care team, Eloise is a quiet and conscientious team member who ensures that each and every photo is checked over and approved to print.

A passionate photographer, Eloise is most comfortable behind the camera and is a collector of photographic equipment.

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Print Care

Caitlin works with the team to ensure that all our school photos are produced to the highest standard. 

Caitlin is dedicated to conservation and eco-friendly techniques. Her passion for the planet helps our team to ensure that we are eco-conscious. 

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Pack Care

Julie heads up our Pack Care team. She coordinates the packing and delivery of our school photo orders. Attention to detail and efficiency is essential in this role. Julie works hard to ensure that each order is correctly packed and is our last point of call in ensuring that the best quality product gets delivered.

Julie moved to Perth with her family over a decade ago and loves quality time with her grown up kids as well as some well earned retail therapy.

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Elton is our lead photographer with extensive experience in the field. His expertise and dedication are highly valued and he's always happy to teach and share his knowledge.

In his youth, Elton dreamed of being a superstar basketballer – with the legendary MJ – His Airness -Michael Jordan, being his hero. Now he is a dedicated father and family man who enjoys coaching his daughter's team.


Alex is an incredible photographer and we are thrilled to have him on our team. He is hardworking, dedicated and caring. He cares for each and every member of the team and looks out for everyone’s best interest.

Alex loves keeping fish – he is an expert in African Cichlids and Koi. He is also passionate about family and enjoys quality time with his loved ones.

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Musyani is an incredibly hardworking photographer who puts his best effort into every job. He’s travelled all over WA with our team and he is loved by all.

Mus is proud of his African heritage and wearing his native Ghanaian attire. He also enjoys fishing during his leisure time.

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Georgia 1.png

Georgia visited here from the UK not long ago and we’ve decided to keep her. She is one of our regional photographers who spends most of her year travelling to the far North of WA and takes care of school photos in remote communities.


She loves the outdoors and the many opportunities to see the beautiful pristine parts of our incredible state.

Jordan 1.png

Jordan is an experienced photographer who brings with him a wealth of expertise in school photography, especially large group photography. 

He is a music buff and enjoys his collection of records and playing them on his old school record player. He will tell you how vinyl holds its value over time more than any other music format and it is the best way to listen to music and appreciate it. 


Another one of our hardworking photographers, Rachel is as comfortable taking care of school photos as she is helping out in office administration. She is always eager to help and learn new skills. We love having her as part of our team.

Rachel enjoys getting out there on her roller skates manages to stay upright, unlike most of the rest of us.

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Audrey is a highly skilled and valued member of our team. She works as part of our photography team and is enjoying learning new skills while seeing many different parts of the state. Audrey also assists in the office and has designed our brand-new website.

Audrey enjoys time with friends and loves being adventurous.

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Emily 1.png

Emily is another dedicated member of our photography team. She is hardworking and dedicated. We’ve received some of the best feedback and reviews from schools where she has photographed.

Emily is also a talented barista and will make you a perfect cuppa upon request.

Tasia 1.png

Tasia is another member of our hardworking photography team. She’s been learning a lot this year, tailoring her skills to school photography and we’ve also enjoyed having her assisting around the office.

A skilled badminton player – watch out for her when she’s got her shuttlecock and racquet in hand.