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Fotoworks offers a complete school photography service to cater to all your school’s photography needs. Our team of highly-skilled and professional team members are dedicated to delivering stunning photography for group photos or events to best represent your school.

Full-Service School Photography in Perth and WA


As a WA-owned and operated school photography business, we bring a high level of care and attention to detail to everything we do. We’ve been providing schools throughout Perth and WA with photography for over 40 years, and offer a full photography service that includes:


  • Group photography and class photos

  • Promotional photography

  • Ball and formal event photography

  • Aerial drone photography and videography

  • In-house designing and printing

  • On-site styling services


Our skilled photographers will come to your school wherever you are in the Perth metro area, or throughout regional WA. By keeping our services in-house and local, we’re able to deliver competitively-priced services at an extremely high quality.

In-House Printing Services


At Fotoworks, all your school photos are printed in-house at our Osborne Park premises, on Kodak Professional photographic paper. This means you get your photos faster and more cost-effectively, without compromising on quality.


Plus, our in-house designers can also take of all your school’s marketing needs. We’ll manage the design and print for materials including:


  • Yearbooks

  • Banners

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

  • Annual reports and business plans


Plus many others! We offer personalised custom quotes for all school photography, printing and design services, so please get in touch with our friendly team today to secure your quote.

School Photography Backdrop Options
Sample Girl A.jpg


Sample Girl B.jpg


Professional Blue Backdrop

This blue backdrop offers a formal and professional appearance, and looks great with most school uniform colours.

Outdoor-Look Backdrop

This outdoor-look backdrop offers a beautiful, natural background without the hassle and risk of setting up outdoors.


We print on true photographic premium paper

Group Photography Template Background Options

Smart Sheet A.jpg
Composite A.jpg

The template background colour is applied to your composite and group images. Select the colour that best suits your school's colours, logo and uniform.

NOTE: These colours show up differently depending on your printer and/or computer screen. This is simply a guide. Other colour options are available upon request.

background 1 - 136 136 136.jpg


Default (if none chosen)

background 4 - 26 187 220.jpg


background 7 - 191 170 124.jpg


background 10 - 35 117 0.jpg


background 2 - 136 136 136.jpg


background 3 - 65 166 254.jpg


background 5 - 104 26 112.jpg


background 6 - 75 95 126.jpg


background 8 - 19 186 34.jpg


background 9 - 229 134 0.jpg


kindy 11 background 255 247 226.jpg

Kindy & PrePrimary Only



These colours show up differently depending on printer and/or computer screen. This is simply a guide.

Other colour options are available upon request.

Get your school photography quote today!

Our friendly team are here to help with all your photography and videography needs, simply contact us for your own personalised quote today.

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